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שרה סיגמונדסדוטיר, האישה הרביעית בעלת הכושר הגופני הטוב ביותר בעולם סיפרה בפוסט אינסטגרם לאחרונה, שלאור פציעה קשה, היא תאלץ לקחת הפסקה ממשטר האימונים הנוכחי שלה:

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth -Mike Tyson . I was faced with quite the challenge this week. There had been some pain in my shoulderblade ever since the ´Games´. In recent weeks the pain started to grow and I thought it was just because I had been on a break and now the intensity in training had been increased. Then last week something happened during a training session. I didn´t think it could possibly be serious but as the days went the pain just got worse and in the beginning of this weak it had simply become unbearable. . The plan was to go from Australia to Abu Dhabi and train there until the @dxbfitnesschamp but I decided to go to Iceland and see my doctor and physio to get this properly checked out. . A couple of X-rays and MRI scans later it was determined that my first rib is broken. The pain was so unberable because the tight muscles that are protecting the rib were hitting a bundle of nerves with all the swelling around the break and that made it so that for a few days it was even hard for me to breathe. This is just a wall that I need to climb over and I have already started it because today I am already feeling so much better, I could even pull my pants up and put my socks on ???????? . Unfortunately this changes my plans, I wont be competing in Dubai and it will take the next 6-8 weeks for me to fully recover, . . I am so thankful for all the support that I´ve gotten and I´ll be back stronger than ever ❤❤ . . ????= @0nlyfitgirls . . #Nike #NikeTraining #FitAid #RogueFitness #CompexUSA

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בקצרה – שרה גילתה שהיא שברה את הצלע הראשונה, שהשליכה על הכתף שלה עקב פגיעה עצבית וגרמה לכאבים ניכרים. שרה הייתה מתוככנת להשתתף בתחרות ה-Dubai Fitness Championship השנתית ובמקום, תאלץ להעביר את השבועות הקרובים בהחלמה.

מקווים לראות את רה בחזרה במלוא הכוח ובזמן לתקופת האופן הקרבה ובאה.


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