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ראיון עם ג'ולי פושייר: אתלטית משחקי הקרוספיט

ג'ולי פושייר היא אתלטית בולטת ממשחקי הקרוספיט, הידועה בדואליות של הקריירה שלה – פעם אחת בתור אתלטית מקצועית ופעם שניה בתור סטודנטית לרפואה. ג'ולי סיימה לאחרונה במקום השלישי והמכובד במשחקי הקרוספיט, ולקחה חלק ב-CrossFit Games Invitational (תחרות קרוספיט בינ"ל שהפגישה צוותים של אתלטים מהיבשות המרכזיות) בה סייעה לצוות ארה"ב לקחת את המקום הראשון.

ג'ולי צפויה לתת פייט של ממש היות ומדובר בשנה האחרונה שלה במשחקי הקרוספיט, שלאחריה היא צפויה לפרוש ללימודי הרפואה במשרה מלאה.

תעודת זהות

גיל: 26.

שיאים אישיים:

  • Clean and Jerk: 88KG.
  • Snatch: 75 KG.
  •  Deadlift: 140 KG.
  • Back Squat: 116 KG.
  • Fran: 02:24.
  • Grace: 01:39.

מועדון: CrossFit An Arbor.

היסטוריה ספורטיבית: התנסתה בתור ילדה בריקוד, טניס וכדורגל ובתיכון עסקה בהתעמלות קרקע באופן עקבי וזכתה בתואר אזורי במדינת מישיגן.

מאמן: Doug Chapman.

והלאה – לראיון:

1.  How are you feeling mentally coming up to the Games this year? Have you made any changes with your training-school balance?

"I’m feeling great going into the Games this year. Last year I was coming back from taking a year away from competing, and I really wanted to make sure I came back strong. I focused most of my time and energy on CrossFit, which was great, but I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked to in school. This year I have found a much better balance between CrossFit and school. Also, knowing that this will be my last season competing before I return to school full-time, I am enjoying the process much more and making sure I give everything I have left to my training and preparation this year."

2.  How does your training schedule look like right now? What do you do on your active recovery days?

"Now I train 5 days per week, usually between 3-6 hours per day. The other two days are “active recovery” and I will do some running, rowing, or swimming on those days and make sure I take time to stretch, mobilize or get some bodywork done."

3.  Have you reached any kind of conclusions coming from the previous games of 2014? Have you made any changes to your programming to accommodate for abilities you felt needed more work or for the upcoming challenges of the new season?

"One area where I struggled in 2014 was being able to push myself to my absolute limit and hold nothing back. I walked away from a few workouts last year feeling like I could have pushed myself a little harder. This year I am focusing on that in my training with certain workouts."

4.  What do you think about your competition this year? (for example, with Sam Briggs coming back).

"I’m really excited for this year! There are so many strong competitors on the female side; it’s going to be very exciting to compete alongside all of them and I’m sure it will be very exciting to watch."

5.  What do you think about the Paleo diet & low carb for CrossFit athletes? Is it truly effective?

I’ve found it to be very effective myself. I wouldn’t necessarily say I eat “low-carb” but I probably eat a smaller % of carbs than the average person when compared to my protein and fat intake. I eat a lot of sweet potatoes, squash, and root vegetables to make sure I get enough carbohydrates to support my training. Sometimes I will have oatmeal or rice as well.

6.  What can you tell us about your nutrition? Supplements you would recommend or certain habits?

"I generally follow a paleo-type diet. I eat whole foods and rarely consume dairy, grains, legumes, or added sugars. I take Pure Pharma’s supplements – omega 3 fish oils, magnesium, and vitamin D. They have also recently come out with a protein powder which includes coconut water and collagen and is great for post-workout. I also sometimes take a probiotic. My favorite nutrition habit is starting the day with a green smoothie made with frozen banana, green grapes, and kale or spinach."

7.     What do you do to get into the zone before a competition? Have you worked on the aspect side of the game?

"I have worked on the mental aspect of competition a lot. Every year I realize more how important this aspect is. I do a lot of visualization before a competition, and I use mantras to help me focus and get into the right state to compete at my best."

8.  What is your favorite mobility exercise you would never start a workout without?

"I always mobilize my ankles before training with a banded distraction. This makes a huge difference in my squat position."

9. What is your favorite cheat meal?

"Chocolate ice cream!"

10. What is your favorite exercise?

"I really like the snatch because it is so complex and involves so many aspects of fitness from strength to flexibility and coordination. It is also one of the movements that I fear the most, which makes it more rewarding when I overcome those fears in training."

11. If you could take one movement out of CrossFit, which would it be?


12. And finally, when are you coming to visit Israel? 

"Maybe after I finish school! Not sure when, but I’d definitely love to visit!"


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