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סקוט ג'ונס, מקום שלישי במקצה המאסטרים (45-49) של משחקי הקרוספיט 2016 נתפס על שימוש בחומרים אסורים בבדיקה שבוצעה לאחר המשחקים. התואר שזכה בו, "The 3rd Fittest Man on Earth" נפסל לאלתר. החומר שבשאלה הוא אנטי-אסטרוגן בשם אנסטרוזול. לטענתו, הוא לקח את החומר כחלק ממרשם רופא.

מדובר בפעם הראשונה שאתלט פודיום נתפס על שימוש בסמים אסורים בקרוספיט.

Masters Men 45-49 Division | #FittestonEarth

1. Ron Mathews
2. Brent Maier
3. Scott Jones

Posted by The CrossFit Games on Monday, 1 August 2016


"I was absolutely shocked at this news. I was prescribed the medication by my doctor for a medical condition, I never even looked at the banned" substance list. Upon receiving the news from CrossFit, I submitted a letter and lab work from him (the physician)  to CrossFit to show why it was prescribed and the intention of use did not give me a competitive edge in any way – to which they said it didn’t matter due to their zero tolerance rule.

I am incredibly disheartened that the sport which I have invested so much into, changed my life in so many ways and allowed me to impact others now has a negative effect on me as well as those I care about and respect. I would never intentionally do something to gain an unfair advantage and I am truly sorry that this has happened.

It was my ignorance in being unaware of the banned substances. I was following my doctor’s advice and in no way was this taken to gain any sort of competitive edge. Had I known this medication was banned I would have pursued another route or filed for an exemption from CrossFit. CrossFit has a zero tolerance policy so based on that I was treated fairly. I did submit a letter from my doctor explaining why it was prescribed as well as lab results. I disagree with their policy and having no tolerance. I think there should be acceptable ranges especially in the masters divisions. I also think the drug testing results should be handled by an impartial third party and CrossFit HQ find out the testing results when everyone else does.”

Source: BreakParallel


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